Wood care is specially design & formulated for decorative, new innovation  and protective purposes both for Interior and Exterior wood. Super Kote Wood care provide outstanding finishes and right long term protection for wood, inside and out. Transform your outdoor space with our selection of exterior paint and wood care products. At Wood care we carry a huge range of options. 

Wood Finishes: 

The term used to cover those coatings used as industrial wood coatings. These are coatings applied in factories to wood for a range of uses, which include office furniture, kitchen and bathroom fittings, general furniture and industrial joinery. These are different to 'wood care' coatings which are the DIY coatings such as wood varnishes and coatings for fences and decking etc. A  large range of other coatings are those for application to leather, vacuum applied coatings, coatings for electronics, line marking coatings etc. and specific use requirements, and we recomend that anyone looking for a specific coating go to the Super kote Paint product list.

Wood Care